Web advantage seminar development

Project description

As a marketing director in telecommunications, a big initiative was to be an education leader in the areas we served. We targeted business and residential clients in Southeast Missouri, and we wanted to be known as a cutting-edge technology resource to the region. Not only a leader in communication technology, but also driving the conversation on the importance of having a business presence online. This was a time when social media marketing, SEO, and website marketing were growing at a light-speed pace. The area served is heavily rural with limited access to broadband internet, so we wanted to be seen as thought leaders about the oncoming digital technology wave.

To accomplish this, we hosted and presented local seminars titled “Web Advantage” for business owners. These presentations were held in conjunction with a local SEO and web development firm. I would generally start the presentation and discuss the need and potential, and my co-presenter from the development group would talk particulars about search marketing and results. These presentations were often hosted by a wholesale partner or the local government.

In a follow-up survey, we asked the participants to identify the most beneficial aspect of the seminar. We received responses such as “…introduction to aspects I had never heard before…”, “content and purpose and targeted market, how they work together…”, and “understanding potential and how little we know about great opportunity.” We would also inquire about the reason they attended (48% said they came for the content being covered) and did the seminar fulfill their reasons for attending (74% said absolutely). But probably the most satisfying results came when we asked attendees to describe our telecommunications company. In virtually equal percentages around 20%, they described us as a telecom/ISP, key business partner, web-savvy educator, technology leader, and valuable local presence. This is precisely how we wanted to frame the perceptions of our business.

In addition to presenting duties, I developed promotional and educational materials in a variety mediums.

Web Advantage Presentation – I collaborated with a local SEO and web development firm to put this Powerpoint presentation together. I designed it for consistency with the Web Advantage seminar while our presentation partners helped with content

Web Advantage Handout – Not only was the flyer designed by me, I also developed the branding and name for these seminars. The handout shown here was for an event sponsored by the city of Farmington.

Twitter Page Design – I illustrated a custom Twitter background specifically for our company that was used on all corporate accounts. I set up and managed the account and directed tweeting. The content generally consisted of campaigns, Web Advantage events, and news about advances in technology.

The Internet Adviser – We wanted an educational resource to hand out at Web Advantage seminars, so I developed an introductory booklet to the latest (at the time) internet tools and technologies. I dubbed it The Internet Adviser which was constructed with articles from Wikipedia and other online resources. Along with my team, we developed each technology description and I acted as main editor and designer. We also added a glossary of terms and listed the GNU Free Documentation License for use of the content.

Cable Partner Connection – I developed a quarterly newsletter for our cable partners which would provide them some latest news from our company, campaigns, and upcoming education events.

These materials solidified our company and partners as leading technology educators for businesses in the area. We consistently received positive feedback from attendees and partners on the quality of the materials in both professional design and content.


InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Powerpoint, Twitter, Google Docs


Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, Material Development, Content Development, Presentation


Strategist, Designer, Manager, Presenter, Editor